So what exactly happened?

We are grateful for the prayers, well wishes and all of the help that has been given and offered. It’s been challenging trying to keep everyone updated and the help coordinated. I’m starting this blog to keep everyone updated and to let people know what kinds of things we need help with.

So here’s what happened.

On Tuesday, February 5th while waiting for MRI results at Evergreen Hospital, Michelle had a grand mal seizure. She had no history of seizures. She had been battling extreme fatigue and a migraine among other symptoms. It was the moments of forgetfulness and confusion that proved to be the tipping point. By Tuesday morning she had three of those moments in less than 24 hours. She would have two more that day and we would later find out that these were minor seizures. I contacted the neurologist at 11 am and had Michelle in their office by 11:30 am. Michelle’s symptoms prompted the neurologist to get us on standby for an MRI. The ladies at church had arranged for Naomi and Natalie to be watched and Jonathan was in school. We were able to get an MRI at 3 pm. Knowing that it would take at least an hour to complete, I left and picked up Jonathan from school and then the girls. We returned to the hospital just before the MRI was complete. It would take another hour to get the results. We went to the waiting room and it was there that Michelle had her seizure. It lasted about 3 minutes, but felt like an eternity. She was in a catatonic state for about 45 minutes afterwards. They took her to the stroke recovery unit at Evergreen and she was there until Friday evening. Recovery from a seizure can be similar to recovery from a stroke. It has been shocking to Michelle how much of a toll physically the seizure took on her.

The official diagnosis is that she had an ms exacerbation that resulted in a seizure. It’s a very rare occurrence, but it does on occasion happen.

I’ve been talking to the older kids and trying to help them process what they saw. All three of them have been sick since last Thursday. The carpet cleaners came on Saturday. Life has been crazy, but it goes on and for that we are grateful.

Currently, she is using a walker to get around. Fatigue is pretty bad. Her memory is improving, but she has no memory of the actual seizure and many of the events leading up to it. She is not allowed to drive until she has been seizure free for six months. I have been away from work since last Tuesday. I’m fortunate to have such a supportive employer and an understanding boss. This week I’ll start figuring out what the new normal looks like. I’ll continue to keep everyone updated right here.

Thank you everyone for your support.