The pharmacist and I are on a first name basis

The old adage that “When it rains, it pours” has been hitting too close to home these days. Naomi being the daring young lady that she is decided to skydive from her bunk bed about two weeks ago. The end result was a hairline fracture in her foot. She has a post-op shoe that keeps her foot from bending when she walks and she is using crutches for now. Her first day at school with crutches was interesting. I drove her to school and then she came home on the bus. Apparently it’s not that easy to get a little girl with crutches on and off the larger buses. The district arranged for a smaller bus to pick her up right in front of our house. It also turns out that Grandpa Chris is the bus driver, so now she really looks forward to the bus ride on school days. The pain seems to be less and less, but she needs to keep pressure off of the foot in order for it to heal. She’s rather stubborn and needs frequent reminders to stay off of the foot. Needless to say, this isn’t the break we were looking for.

Michelle’s immune system has been weak since the hospital stay. She is still fighting off infection. Today I picked up another round of antibiotics from the pharmacy. I’m such a frequent customer at the pharmacy that I no longer have to tell them the name on the medication. Today, I even identified the meds before the pharmacist could tell me what they were. I’ve had far too much practice at this. Michelle has been to the doctor so many times, I think they’re running out of things to say. This routine is getting old and Michelle is sick and tired of being sick and tired. Her recovery from the seizure is going better than her recovery from what started out as bronchitis and the flu. I’m happy to report that Michelle has been able to move about without her cane most of the time. She still uses it occasionally, but it’s limited to when the fatigue is at it’s worst.

The goal right now is to get Michelle as much rest as possible. Having a nanny help for part of the day has been extremely beneficial. The nanny is subsidized by work for a limited number of hours. We’re stretching the hours as far out as possible. With the minimum visit being 4 hours, we have booked 4 hour blocks through out the week. Tuesdays, a friend from church has been taking the girls for the day. This lets us stretch out the time the nanny covers even further. At the current rate, we will run out of hours in early April. Michelle’s progress has been steady enough that if she can just get over the viral infection, she should be able to get through days with the kids at that point.

Michelle has completely ramped off of the previous anti-seizure medication and ramped up on the new medication. She seems to function better on the new meds, but it’s still a struggle to collect her thoughts and carry on a conversation. If we want to talk about anything, we typically wait until the kids are in bed so she isn’t distracted and can form her thoughts and find her words. One side effect of the new meds is tingling in the hands. She didn’t experience that until the last increase of the meds. We meet with the neurologist on April 1st. We will ask about dialing back the meds to three-fourths the current dose and see if that eliminates the tingling. We also hope to get a better understanding of whether or not the anti-seizure meds are a short term or long term solution.

This past week, we attended the birthday party of a good friend and Michelle had a surprise visit from another friend she hasn’t seen in a long time. It really lifted her spirits and was a welcome change from the monotony of the day to day. If you haven’t called or dropped in but have been meaning to, I would encourage you to do it. Michelle is very much a people person and she thrives on the interaction. She would really like to get back into MOPS, but not being able to drive for another 4 and a half months that isn’t an option right now. If you live in Monroe and attend MOPS at Cedar Park and would like to help with transportation for Michelle and the girls, give us a call.

As always, we genuinely appreciate the prayers and words of encouragement.


One thought on “The pharmacist and I are on a first name basis

  1. I wish I were there with you; Michelle I long to see you!!

    I’m sending my love from Virginia and staying updated, thanks Michael for taking the time out to write these posts. It really helps me feel connected from so far away, to hear about what’s happening!

    Love you all so much, xoxoxox

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