A New Normal

Tomorrow I go back to work for the first time since the incident. In typical Microsoft fashion, it will be to a new office as we have moved after our most recent reorg. I’m fully expecting a nightmare scenario with Vision Day for Office 16 being held this Friday and my team in deep preparation. I’m a little less apprehensive about returning to work now that I’ve been able to arrange for help with the kids for Michelle while I’m at work. We have the first two week’s covered everyday and Tuesdays through the month of March. We will reevaluate Michelle’s health in another week and see if we need to extend the additional support.

Michelle’s balance seems to be getting better with the occasional set back, but overall there is progress and for that we are grateful. She takes her last dose of the steroid taper tomorrow as well as her last dose of antibiotics. Thankfully the crud she brought back from the hospital is nearly gone. We meet with her MS neurologist this week to review her progress. We should find out if anti-seizure medication is just temporary or part of the new normal. The medicine works by suppressing brain activity and therefore reducing the risk of seizures. Seizures are caused by excessive activity in one part of the brain. Reducing the activity also slows down the individual taking the medicine. If at the very least, Michelle can take a lower dose and be more herself it would likely speed up her recovery.

Memory is still a bit hazy for Michelle. I bought her some comfortable pajamas while she was in the hospital. After I took care of the laundry this weekend she saw them for the first time at home and didn’t remember having them. It’s little things here and there, but when they happen, it’s just another reminder of the seizure and that she still has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

These past three weeks have been emotionally challenging for our family. In the midst of Michelle’s hospitalization I was also making trips to Swedish Hospital in Seattle for Jonathan. I don’t want to get into the particulars on this blog, but the news was very disappointing. Dealing with this in addition to Michelle’s seizure has been emotionally draining for all of us. Your prayers and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Over the last few weeks we have had friends and family bring meals, help clean the house, watch our kids, stay at our home and be another set of helping hands and many other things. It’s a blessing to have so many people show their love in deeds. Our wealth is in the abundance of those who love us. We are thankful for each and everyone of you.


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