The First Week Home

Michelle has improved a lot since leaving the hospital a week ago today. There were a few complications we weren’t expecting. Cold and flu season is not the time to bring kids in and out of the hospital. I guess you really can’t pick and choose when you’re going to have a major life event requiring hospitalization. Everyone is on the mend. Michelle discovered that she has a middle ear infection and got meds for it. This was likely contributing to balance issues. She is able to go shorter distances with out the walker but tires quickly. Time will help her regain her strength.

Michelle’s best friend from high school dropped everything and came up last Tuesday with her daughter. This provided a playmate for Naomi and Natalie most of the week. Jennifer was an absolute blessing to have help. It allowed me to catch up on sleep and provided Michelle with some much needed company. Natalie has expanded her vocabulary to include the name “Anna”. Naomi is going through Anna withdrawal even though it’s only been about 4 hours. While Jennifer had the kids at the park today, a neighbor came over to visit and offered to pick up Jonathan from school through the end of the school year. Another friend stopped by and delivered a home made meal for dinner tonight. Michelle called it “Andrea Huenerhoff Quality”. For those of you that know Andrea, you know this is a high compliment.

The weeks ahead will only get better than the last two. A concern of Michelle’s is that since she can’t drive until August, she’ll be isolated. If you’ve been thinking about visiting her, by all means, please do so. Call or text and make arrangements to drop in. Those of you that know her best, you know that she loves people and interacting with good friends. This will be especially important to her in the weeks and months ahead.

It’s nice to know that so many friends and family care as deeply as you all do. Thanks again for all of your love and support.


3 thoughts on “The First Week Home

  1. I am very highly complimented but surely not deserving!!

    What a great friend, that is such dedication and love. I’m so glad people are stepping up to surround you with love, Michelle your many years of pouring love into us all should come back to reward you now!!

    I’m booing i get to comer home for a visit and, praying for you whenever toy come to mind!!

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